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"Hey we need a way to establish a character’s badassery before the major conflict starts"



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is forever21 okay

How to Spoon
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I really hate yall for this shit man I cant even spoon with bitches no more because they bring this up

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What people think Geoff is like:

What Geoff really is like:

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Hey Uriel are you interested in anyone right now???

ive never really had a crush on a person. like, i have many people id adore being friends with and wouldn’t /mind/ being in a relationship with, but ive never had a head over heel crush or anything. im still getting over a past relationship, but i expect it’s damn time for me to move on already, so yeah, i really want to be in a relationship, and quite a few people come to mind I would totally date, but none that im not perfectly happy being friends with gift bags with.

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just a tip: if your character or another character gets hurt, and it’s up to your rp partner to fix ‘em up, be very, very specific with the way they get hurt.

(tws for under the cut: descriptions of bodily wounds, injury, blood, and amateur medical attention, broken bones, bullets, frost bite, amputation, bullet wounds)

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mix, match

two is better than one

what’s better than your favorite songs?
all of them.
at once.


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Just the two of us

Photographer Klaus Pichler takes pictures of Australian Cosplayers in their homes against the backdrop of their everyday lives. He says that the unknown identities and mundane activities give this project a very mysterious vibe.

You can view more of his amazing projects HERE

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